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Margin Trading Facility in India

Normally investors buy and sell stocks with their own money. However, some specific stocks may look attractive at some point in time either because of market conditions or some sector/company specific news. If you don’t have the required funds to trade in a particular stock, you can opt for margin trading facility. Margin trading facility helps you to trade in stocks by borrowing money from your stock broker.

You are required to put in certain percentage as the margin amount (just like a down payment in any loan product). This margin amount will vary from stock to stock. We will fund the rest of the transaction so that you are able to purchase this share. Thus you get the leverage to buy a certain stock even if you don’t have the funds in your trading account.

How does it work?

  • To activate Margin Trading Facility,
    i. From Website : Login to www.KotakSecurities.com > Go to New Products Menu > Click on Margin Trading > Select Option and accept Disclaimer.

    ii. From KEAT : Login to KEAT Pro X > Go to Web Links > Click on Product Services > Click on Margin Trading Disclaimer > Select Option and accept Disclaimer.

    iii. From KST : Login to KST > Go to Menu > Help > Click on T&C Margin Trading > Select Option and accept Disclaimer.
  • The margin trading facility is made available to you once you accept the Margin Trading Facility disclaimer with us.
  • No Minimum Margin required to activate Margin Trading facility.

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q What is Margin Trading Facility?
    A broker allows customers to buy stocks just by paying margin (for given list of stocks) and not the total value of stocks is known as Margin Trading Facility. Customer can carry the position just by maintaining minimum margin.
  • Q What type of margin is allowed?
    Brokers may allow customers to pay margin in the form of approved list of stocks post hair cut or cash or cash equivalent.
  • Q What is the amount of margin that I need to pay during buying stocks?
    Required margin may vary for different stocks. For details please get in touch with our customer care team.
  • Q Available segment for Margin Trading Facility?
    Margin Trading Facility is available only under cash segment for selective scrips.
  • Q How do I get details of my Margin Trading Facility transaction?
    You will get all communication regarding confirmation of orders/trades, margin calls, decision to liquidate the position / security on your registered email/ Mobile Number.
  • Q What if I transferred margin to my account and not trading?
    Margin Trading Facility accounts where there was no transactions for 90 days shall be settled immediately.
  • Q How can I carry my funded position?
    You can carry your funded position by maintaining minimum required margin the with brokers.
  • Q What if I have existing Margin Trading Facility position and now I want to exit from it?
    You can exit from margin funding position by paying total debit amount or by selling your position.


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